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I. G. Frederick

About the Author:

I.G. Frederick has traded words for cash more years than she cares to admit and has specialized in erotic fiction and poetry since 2001. She has sold numerous short stories and poems to various electronic, audio, and print anthologies and magazines. Her novels have received high praise from readers, critics, and other authors.

In addition, I.G. Frederick is an accomplished book designer and together with the awesome artist Nyla Alisia and her submissive Patrick (web designer extraordinaire) provides services to indie authors and small presses as part of Pussy Cat Press. Pussy Cat Press services include elegant cover design for print and electronic books, print and electronic book formatting/design, and web development and design.

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Edin Road Appearances:

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04/04/2012    --    Playing With Dolls


Playing With Dolls
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Jesse enjoyed playing with dolls and wearing girls' clothing as a child. His liberal father, resigned to having a gay son, encourages Jesse's involvement in the LGBT youth culture of Eugene, Oregon where they live. On his eighteenth birthday, Jesse has his first sexual experience and hates it. A few months later, he is befriended by a Lesbian couple who introduces him to S&M. When they move away, he flounders, pretending to be a woman to get a job. Although Tony, a handsome leatherman, rescues him, Jesse finds the price too high for his liking. Then Tony takes his boys to Paradise and Jesse learns things about himself that he finds very difficult to accept.

"A sensitive and believable account of a young man's struggle to both sexual and social self-realization." (Sharazade, erotica writer, editor, reviewer, and publisher)

"The element of how one is labeled versus how one experientially comes to self-identification held a captivating tension for me. ... the everyday details in the story created a realistically immersive landscape that made it easier to viscerally identify with the characters." (Mark Silver)